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How to Set Up a Squarespace Referral Program for Free

This guide is going to teach you how to set up a free affiliate referral program (like “refer a friend and get $20 off your next order”) for your Squarespace store.

Successful Squarespace referral program

Why set up a referral program for Squarespace?

People trust their friends more than ads

Studies have shown that 9 out of 10 people trust recommendations from their friends above any other source when it comes to making purchases. So if you can get one of your customers to recommend a product to their friend, odds are pretty good

Rewarding your customers builds loyalty and repeat customers

I’m a small business owner, so I know first-hand that you’re probably not in business for the drive-by customers. What keeps you going are the people who come back, who love your products, and who rave about you. You need to reward people like that! First rule of economics is that people respond to incentives – so it makes sense that you should thank and reward your biggest fans.

It’s waaay cheaper than old-school advertising

Hands up – who’s burnt some money trying out AdWords? Or – shudders – you paid for a TV ad. Outdated. Modern businesses with modern products need modern marketing. There’s a reason Uber, Dropbox, and fast growing tech companies have refer-a-friend programs. They work. They’re a million times cheaper, and a million times more effective than buying ads.

Reward your customers for sharing your store, don’t pay huge advertising corporations to do it.

Okay – on to the guide.

How to set up a referral program on Squarespace

We’re going to use a free Peach’s Squarespace referral program to set this up. Peach’s is a platform that plugs right in to your Squarespace site and adds refer-a-friend functionality.

This whole thing takes you about 10 minutes, and after that you’ll have a working refer-a-friend program.

1. Sign up for a Peach’s account

Head over to the Peach’s site and click ‘Get Started’, then fill in your details.

Sign up for peach's refer-a-friend account

2. Create a new Squarespace referral program

On the next page, click ‘Get Started’ to start creating your program for Squarespace.

Squarespace referrals

After that, enter your store’s name and the URL of your store.

3. Configure your program with a few options

In the next step, tweak your referral program so that it fits how you want to reward your customers.

For me, I’ve found that keeping it simple is best for my customers to understand.

I usually set my referral programs up like “Reward customers who refer a friend with a $10 discount on their next order of $20 or more.”

Customize your program

Setting it up this way is smart because it guarantees you two orders (one from the friend and one from the original customer), but also it doesn’t over-complicate things for their friend who is just discovering your store. This makes the offer much easier to share.

I always check the checkbox for One Reward Per Person as well.

4. Add the Peach’s account to your Squarespace store

On the next screen, you’ll have some details for the Peach’s account you need to add to your Squarespace store.

Peach’s uses this account to plugin in their referral widget (after they customize it to your design) and to automatically generate discount codes for customers who earn rewards.

Open up Squarespace in a new tab/window in your browser. Go to your Squarespace dashboard and click on your website.

In the left-hand sidebar, choose Settings, then choose Permissions.

Add Peach's Administrator

After that, select Invite Contributor and enter in the account details from the Peach’s set up process. You need to enter in the name, the email address, and select the Administrator checkbox.

Fill in your details

5. Finalize your program details on Peach’s

Head back to the Peach’s set up screen, and click Submit.

You’ve created your first referral program!

Successful Squarespace referral program

In the background Peach’s has set up a referral program for you – now they just review it, tailor the design to your store, and embed it in the site. Luckily, the Peach’s people do all this for you.

I found it took about 6 hours of waiting and then they sent through some mockups of what my referral widget would look like. I asked them to change the image on the form, but other than that it was pretty spot-on for my site.

They tweaked the design and added their widget, and then an hour later I had a refer-a-friend program running on Squarespace.

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