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👋 G’day!

I have a standing invitation for you to email me about anything that’s on your mind.

My email address is [email protected].

I love helping people, answering questions, discussing ideas, and looking at work you’ve done. Anything from blog posts to open source code to your latest designs. I’d like to see it!

Emails I Like Getting

There are a few areas where I might be particularly useful for you, generally at the intersection of development, product design, and marketing.

Non-technical things I’d also love to talk to you about

The Deal

I have the unfortunate combination of a) being bad at email, and b) getting a reasonable amount of email. Let me set your expectations.

Will definitely get a response

Will sometimes get a response

Will not get a response

Important! If I don’t respond within a week, feel free to send a follow-up email. I probably just got busy on the day your email came through. If you follow up and ask me to reply, I’ll genuinely do my best to write you back.

Don’t Know How to Start?

If you feel like emailing me but don’t know how to start, here’s your opening line…

I'm sending you this email because of the standing invitation page on your website.
I need help with/I want your thoughts on/I'd like to share...
<Now you elaborate. Please include emoji>