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The One-Person Product, by Marco Arment, strikes me as the pinnacle of blogging. It’s a personal, detailed and purposeful piece telling the story of Tumblr.

It offers a unique perspective on fascinating issues that are clearly close to Arment’s heart: quality, independence and craftsmanship.

[David Karp, founder of Tumblr,] expects people around him to be similarly into work and Tumblr, and often drove me hard with seemingly impossible demands. But David has a lot of Steve Jobs-like qualities, and like many people who worked for Steve, I look back on Tumblr’s crunch times with mixed feelings: I don’t want to return to that stress level, but David pushed me to do amazing work that I didn’t think was possible.

Because the photography is so great, we really get to see the people behind the product—it becomes obvious that great things are made just by people.

Source: Jacob Bijani, Jared Hecht, Meaghan O’Connell, Peter Vidani, and Josh Rachford. The unkown, yet essential, people behind Tumblr: Jacob Bijani, Jared Hecht, Meaghan O’Connell, Peter Vidani, and Josh Rachford.

Marco’s prose explains the challenges and the triumphs they experienced. The post explores the life of a company, from two people to an acquisition by Yahoo; it’s a tale of growing up, with values intact.

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