Horo Pro

Time to power up.

Trusted by thousands of productive professionals, freelancers, and power users.

Time tracking reports

Keep track of how you’re spending your time to stay productive and focus on what matters.

Use Horo Pro’s beautiful reports functionality to understand what you’re spending time on.

Tagged projects

Organise your time into projects using tags.

Simply add #project to any timer or stopwatch to sort your time into projects.

History + CSV Exports

See how you spent your time going back… forever.

Use Horo’s powerful Timer History table to filter, sort, and search your timers.

Then, use the CSV Export functionality to get your data out of Horo and into a spreadsheet or third-party tool.

Alert Sounds

Customize Horo’s alert sound by choosing from a set of sounds that are loud or quiet, raucous or zen.

Whatever works for you.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Set up a keyboard shortcut to start Horo without taking your hands off the keyboard.

Command-Shift-H… 45m… Enter. Boom – there’s a timer.

Once you start doing this you’ll never use the mouse again.


Get a visual alert when your timer’s done.

Great for when you’ve got some music going.

How do I purchase Horo Pro?

Horo Pro is available as an In-App Purchase.

1. Download Horo on the Mac App Store

2. Click the Horo timer in the menu bar, and click the button to purchase Pro.

3. Complete the In-App Purchase