The best free timer app for Mac

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“…easy to use, which I love.”

David Murphy, Lifehacker


“I‘ve tried many timers in the last few days, but this one fulfills exactly my wishes!”

D. Keude


“Everything I need for a sleek, easy, and convenient timer.”

Janet L.


“Why oh why isn’t more software designed like this?”

Ben I.


“A simple, well-designed application for Mac.”

Max H.

The timer
that takes no time at all

If starting a timer takes more than a second, your timer app sucks.

Horo uses a simple and speedy Natural Language interface.

Type the time, hit Return, and go.

Isn’t that neat?

Insanely fast
Natural Language Engine

Works the way all timers should – just type the time and hit Return.

Use stopwatches, #projects and @12pm timers for more power.


“45m #writing”



Multiple timers
in case you’ve got a lot going on

Just because iOS still can’t do multiple timers,
doesn’t mean your Mac shouldn’t.

Yeah. Start as many timers as you want.

Horo strikes the perfect balance between simplicity, speed, and power.

Use it as a countdown clock, your go-to Pomodoro timer, a simple menu bar app, or your secret productivity weapon.

Sometimes the simple things are best.