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How to Install VirtualBox on macOS Mojave and High Sierra

I tried to install VirtualBox on macOS High Sierra, but I got an error about kernel drivers, system extensions, and kernel modules not being installed. The VirtualBox installer fails with “The installation failed” where it “encountered an error that caused the installation to fail.”

This guide has been updated for macOS Mojave as well.

Go to System Preferences > Security & Privacy. Click the ‘Allow’ button at the bottom. Re-run the installer. More detailed instructions are below.

VirtualBox on macOS failed to install

VirtualBox has an error when installing.

VirtualBox allow kernel modules

VirtualBox install success on High Sierra

How to add a shared folder for Ubuntu on a macOS High Sierra Host?

Here’s how to share files between a Ubuntu virtual machine and macOS High Sierra on VirtualBox.

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