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Podcast Method #7 Timestamped Show Notes

Here are my timestamped show notes on episode 7 of Dan Benjamin’s excellent podcast Podcast Method.

0:50 What do you do when you’re sick?

3:10 Recording with people who have little recording experience; interview technique

6:25 Details on post production: noise gates, compressors, stripping silence (long running section)

6:50 Styles of podcasting

17:45 Effective ad reads

27:10 How do you stop saying um, ah, y’know, etc?

30:24 How do you organise your gear and wires?

33:00 Buzzes from power units

34:53 Prerecording intros and outros

39:00 Stripping down to silence, dealing with hiss, noise gating

42:10 Best method for sound dampening, sound pedal layout, on a budget

45:50 What does Archer Avenue look for in a podcast, what do you look for in a sponsor?

53:00 What is a reasonable rate per thousand downloads? How should you approach sponsors?

59:25 Should you use an ID3 editor for each episode?

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