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I’ve started doing something a bit weird. I’ve been calling it ‘tablogging’, and it’s what the name suggests: blogging whatever your open tabs are at the moment.

For my tablog, I’m using the following:

That’s it. I love the simplicity of the setup once it’s established. I can just click a button in my toolbar and it shares an update.

If you want me to publish my extensions, or a more detailed guide on how I’m using Jekyll, let me know. I have no idea if anyone else would be interested in this.

My products
💅 Vanilla – hide icons from your Mac menu bar for free
🚀 Rocket – super-fast emoji shortcuts everywhere on Mac… :clap: → 👏
📖 Kubernetes – my book on Kubernetes for web app developers
😄 Emoji Bullet List – easily emojify your bullet point lists (like this one!)

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