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How to Set Up Netflix in Australia on an Apple TV

I’ve worked out how to get Netflix working worldwide, as well as on the Apple TV. It costs $13 a month. Here are the steps:

I made a new email account for all this, then set it to forward all mail to my regular email account. You will need a new email account unless you have a spare one already.

  1. Get Unblock-Us. It’s $5 a month but totally painless. Follow their instructions to set it up on any non-Apple TV device you want.
  2. Create a US iTunes account following these instructions.
  3. With Unblock-Us activated, go to Netflix, sign up and put in your credit card details. The first month is free, then it’s $7.99 per month after that.
  4. Netflix should now work on any computer you’ve set up. Try it out before going any further.

If you don’t want it for Apple TV, then you can stop here.

  1. Follow Unblock-Us’ instructions on how to set up the Apple TV with their service. Make sure you hit ‘Restart’ from Settings -> General after you’ve done their steps. Mine did not allow me to change the location immediately after signing in, but restarting and signing in again fixed this.
  2. Ensure that the ‘check’ on the homepage of Unblock-Us is fully active.
  3. Use Netflix.

If you have any questions or need me to clarify any steps, feel free to contact me on Twitter.

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