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A New iOS App Idea

I’ve had an idea for a new iOS app that I want to make. I’ve already made two; I’m just waiting to turn 18 before I can put them on the App Store. I feel like making something else.

Basically, it’s going to be a Todo app with a limited number of slots. It is essentially a test of prioritisation; you’ll have to complete some tasks before you want to move onto the next thing. It’s not at all revolutionary, but sometimes I struggled with overindulging the ‘Add New’ button in Todo apps. I once had 68 incomplete tasks in Clear. That wasn’t healthy.

I’m certainly not going to be doing the same daily blog update I did when I was making DailyDo, which you can see on my old blog, because I do not have the time to work on it frequently. I have a ridiculous amount of school work, which is why I’m not doing any of the ideas I had for more complex, web oriented apps. This will be a slow burn, but I’ll try to update at each major step.

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