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The world’s first emoji picker for blind people.

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Everyone’s favorite Slack-style emoji app.

Now available for blind people 😎

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Rocket is a free Mac application that lets you type emoji using Slack-style shortcuts.

Simply type a colon, followed by the name of the emoji you want to insert, and hit enter.

Rocket is beloved by sighted users. It’s been featured on The Verge, Lifehacker, and Tools & Toys. We’re really proud that the new version of Rocket adds support for visually impaired users.

Audio Demo

Visual Demo

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What Blind People Say

”I’ve literally done more emojis in this email than I’ve ever done in my life up till now. I absolutely ❤️ this app! This is absolutely 🏆 and you’re a 🌟”

— Robin Christopherson

“I just installed and opened 🚀… as you can most likely tell, I am able to use emoji pretty easily now with Rocket 😀”

— Damashe Thomas

Rocket vs Rocket Pro

In the free version of Rocket, you get:

Rocket Pro is a $10 in-app upgrade that gives you the ability to: