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$4.99 to purchase — OS X 10.11+ (El Capitan)

You have to go through some dumb 💩 to post a podcast. Transducer’s a Mac app that makes uploading and publishing your podcast a lot easier.

With Transducer, here's what my workflow looks like:

  1. Choose the audio file I want to post
  2. Choose the podcast I’m posting
  3. Set the episode’s title and description
  4. Choose where I want to host the file (Libsyn or SoundCloud)
  5. Click upload

(Bonus: Transducer also lets you run custom scripts—I use this to automatically create a new entry in my podcast’s RSS feed.)

Ever had a nerd email you about missing MP3 ID3 tags? (Don’t know what those acronyms are?) Get those metadata weirdos off your back—Transducer handles it all for you.

A bunch of other small points to convince you to try out the app: