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Kubernetes for Application Developers eBook

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  • Become an expert in deploying and maintaining your production application environment using Kubernetes
  • Clear and thorough explanation of Kubernetes
  • Sample code and examples useful to app developers

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Complete CKAD Certification Course

The perfect resource for CKAD certification.

The Kubernetes for Application Developers eBook

Plus, a 30 question practice exam with complete solutions!

You get access to a GitHub repo with source code for every example in the book, high-res diagrams in their original format, and an exclusive community of other developers getting CKAD certified.

Learning Kubernetes is Hard

Trying to learn Kubernetes on your own is gruelling. You’re forced to grind through rambling documentation, poorly explained concepts, and thick wads of YAML.

Golden Guide to Kubernetes Application Development makes the most of your background in application engineering to help you learn Kubernetes quickly.

Kubernetes for App Developers

Kubernetes is a powerful, complex ecosystem built by distributed systems engineers. This is the first cohesive guide purpose-written for web application developers to learn Kubernetes quickly. You’ll learn the core concepts and their applications in a practical, focused, and relevant way.

This book guides you through the parts of Kubernetes that are important to you, a web application developer.

Learn with Purpose

Don’t waste time searching for resources, invest time in understanding concepts.

Working towards a CNCF CKAD certification exam?
Perfect! This book is built around the Certified Kubernetes Application Developer exam curriculum. Every chapter relates directly to the exam curriculum, plus you’ll receive extra challenge exercises and complete code samples. You’ll be able to practice and apply your knowledge before the exam.

Learning Kubernetes independently?
If you’re learning Kubernetes independently, you don’t have time to waste. This book is the perfect, guided introduction to Kubernetes. You’ll learn core Kubernetes concepts to get you repeatable, scalable, and zero-downtime deployments for your applications.

What You’ll Learn

This book is built around the latest CNCF Certified Kubernetes Application Developer curriculum. Every chapter features clear explanations of key concepts, thorough examples, extra challenge exercises, and further reading resources.


To give you a small taste of the book, we’ve published a few articles on Kubernetes.

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The Author

Matthew Palmer is an experienced full stack web developer from Sydney. He was part of the CNCF CKAD beta program, and was one of the first developers in the world to achive CKAD certification.

He’s scaled web services at Australia’s largest news organization, built productivity SaaS applications for Atlassian, and taught Computer Science students at the University of New South Wales.

His side-projects are some of the most-loved Mac apps on the internet, and have been featured on The Verge and LifeHacker.

He currently does consulting and training engagements for clients with interesting projects, and loves to get emails from everyone.

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