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Lara Hogan

I'm a VP of Engineering and author.

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I’m a VP of Engineering and the author of Designing for Performance, Building a device lab, and Demystifying Public Speaking.

What does Lara Hogan use?

  • At work I use a 13" MacBook Air with a secondary 24" Samsung monitor, Bluetooth mouse and USB keyboard. At home, I use an often-shut 11" MacBook Air with a Dell UltraSharp 20" LCD Display as my primary display.

  • I try not to bring my laptop along to meetings so I can be more present in them; the laptop is then replaced with a small notebook and a Sharpie Pen. I've got an awful memory, and writing notes constantly helps me to better remember things.

  • When I'm at my desk and have time to focus, I'll use Audio-Technica ATH-M50S headphones. On my commute each morning I'll just use little earclip headphones, though.

  • I rest my iPhone 5c on a handmade wooden stand during the day. I also keep a small $5 plastic watch handy when I need to keep track of time in a meeting but don't want to check my phone (like when I'm interviewing a candidate).

  • I use Full Adhesive Post-Its to measure the progress of the book so I can celebrate each 10% of pages done and each new chapter done with a donut (blue Post-It is % of pages written, yellow indicates chapters written)

  • My other favorite shower hack is this EcoExtreme Waterproof Portable Speaker Case, so I can listen to music or podcasts from my phone and feel even more productive.

  • Speaking of productivity at home, the Mint Plus Automatic Floor Cleaner is awesome. I've been remembering to start it up each time I begin a new chapter of the book - it feels like multitasking!

  • I write everything for the book using Sublime Text and commit it to a Git repo provided by my book publisher. O'Reilly has a pretty sweet setup that takes the chapters in Asciidoc format and outputs them in both HTML and PDF versions so I can see how they'll render in the online and print versions of the book. Using Git for the book has been awesome; I can track plenty of the writing process this way and it's fun to watch the diffs as I go. The HTML version of the book also allows comments from my technical reviewers, which makes it much easier for me to consolidate feedback as it gets edited.

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